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I was feeling unhappy and sad this morning. Listening to the music brought me back into my own heart, which is LOVE filled. The sounds calmed my Being, magically! Saved me from wasting any more time in sadness thoughts. Thank you! I am grateful for this moment! It brought

Tory Cross Fitness Instructor and Personal TrainerVertical Fitness Dance Studio

Without a doubt, the best synthesis of musical instrumentation and harmonics I’ve experienced. It really pulled me in and sharpened my focus. I had the sense of some subliminal vocal content coming through.

Chuck Meares ·Georgia State University

Good Stuff! Beautiful, Peaceful, Relaxing sounds! Thanks. My body is relaxed, I feel like I’m floating, and my mind feels its in a different state, that’s for sure. Making this a daily priority.

Steven Adams

I love the music. The experience was awesome and meditation was much easier and deeper than ever before. I went within and the external world became the fantasy I was so connected with myself after the music quieted away its vibration continued for a while couple of minutes more. Thanks.
Warrior at Lightworker

Molnar Gy