Your genius for living your phenomenal life is already within YOU. Sometimes you just need a nudge to recognize your greatness so you commit to begin your journey of greatness.

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Good Morning Great Day is the perfect way to start your day.
Remember… “It’s your day, make it a great one!”


Paul, I love your inspiring words each day. I’m grateful for your reminders to not limit my thinking. They feel good!! You are incredibly wonderful!!! My life is so much richer because of the inspiration I have found with you. I look forward to staying in touch throughout the years.Paul, you are just the best!

Nancy Myrland

Dear Paul…I love your “Good Morning-Good Day“– the daily inspiration is powerful. It helps guide me everyday. I salute you as someone with such an opened-warm hearted-empowering knowledge. It indeed brings value to my life in many ways. I read them when received and re-read them many times thereafter to better assimilate the “message“ shared in your words. thank you. ♥♥

jessica de denghy

Hi Paul, I just wanted to tell you how much I appreciate your encouraging emails throughout the week…they are awesome! I love starting my day in the energy your words convey. It always seems what you say each day is what I really need to hear. I am grateful for you…Thanks for all you do, you truly are Phenomenal !!!

Elise Larsen

Thank you Paul you speak my language I hear you and I truly appreciate you.

Inspirational Speaker, Visionary and Master Coach
Nikki Anderson

Cheers Paul… The World needs your energy….

Jon Luke

Dearest Paul,YOU and your messages are awesome.
Its your Day & YOUR week end so Make it a great one, indeed!

Bes wishes :)

Thank you! As always, your wisdom and support are so greatly appreciated!HAVE A GREAT DAY, PAUL

Wendy Nanon Smith

Thank you so much for these thoughts today!!I’m up early…on a plane at 6:30 am for a flight home (Indiana) to visit my Mom for 2 days before heading to NYC on Friday (with my sister who is accompanying me for support and help) for the Stationery Show. I’m going to be exhibiting there with my card line.I’ve been nervous and in a state of self sabotage that’s been hard to shake the past week or so…I know it’s because this is a BIG step for me and I’m scared yet also know this is my calling and am committed to make this work.

Your words are just the inspiration I need.

I’m printing this out to take with me…thank for sharing YOUR gifts!

Peg Conley

Thank you Paul truly! Your daily wisdom have such great power and meaning. I am in that paradigm where I feel stunned and immobile from my lack of moving into the next realm of true possibility. Why does being overwhelmed flood this, I ask myself. But with your Good Morning Great Day, I feel more of a positive charge taken over little by little and more ready to step into the unknown with love, compassion and understanding Oh and conviction.

Respects to you,
Michael Luan

OMG…THANK YOU PAUL.This message came at a perfect time. I was having doubts about what I was writing and the website I am creating. Now, I will continue…I know it is needed! I will work through this now.What I like about you, and I truly believe this, you do care and you know the pain of growing through your particular adversities and desire for people to see they already are all they need to be!

Thank you,
Loreydean Sullivan

Hey Paul!Just wanted to say I really love these morning reads. Of course we see a lot of “this kind of stuff,” but your messages are really meaningful – and that last two days have been perfectly timed for what I needed to hear.
Happy to be on this list… and to know you!

Hugs and gratitude,
Aydika Jack James :)

These are really great daily messages! Thank you.

Sophie F

Hi Paul, Your messages are so BEAUTIFUL! You really make my day!
Blessings to you,

Blanca Ruiz

Hi Paul,
I love Good Morning Great Day. I really enjoy the affirmations! They are powerful.

Jake Brindle

Hello Paul,
I would just like to say that I find your emails to be wonderfully inspiring .Thank you very much for your positive outlook. It is very Help full to me.May Love Light and Peace Be with You

William Marshall

Your daily emails mean a lot to me. Thank you for being in my life.

Vikram Jeet Kaur

Hey Paul,I just want to say, I love your words of wisdom! They’re great.


Thanks Paul. I Should send you a thanks here every day. Good Morning Great Day is a powerful way to start the day

Pam Burt

Grateful for you Paul…….. Your words never cease to Inspire…..Thank YOU….

Liz Marx

I truly love seeing those words pop up each day in my in box, Paul. Good Morning Great Day; it’s your day, make it a great one!I hope someday I can be that positive!

Sherry Thomas

You are awesome and I really look forward to your inspiring messages every morning. Thanks and please don’t stop!

Dianna Morgan

Thank you Paul for such uplifting, fun and just plain GOOD messages.

Jennifer Jennings

Hi Paul,I just want to say thank you for your great daily inspirations! Without a doubt it’s the best one I’ve seen so far and I’ve seen a few. I look forward to them in the morning.

Thanks again,

Just wanted to say I think you are GREAT ! I love your words each day. I am giving a big presentation today about people stepping into their light, so your wise and beautiful guidance is a gift to me – thank you – keep up the beautiful inspiration.

Adrienne Gabriel